A Message from BidMore:

Dear BidMore2Win Family,

The past few weeks has been a learning curve. We have finally figured out the auction system, and will be having an absolutely amazing auction coming up.

We have listened to you, when you have submitted your feedback to our emails, and spoken with us when you have come into the shop. Obviously, there have been a lot of people critical of us, that we don’t have a bigger variety, but we acquired this business with no inventory, so we have had to start building up our own inventory. For everyone that have stuck with us, thank you, for everyone else please remember, this is an auction, and honestly auctions ebb and flow each week, with a huge variety of items. This is the ebb and flow. We did not have a huge inventory to start with, or much knowledge in the system, but that is changing.

After evaluating the other auction houses in the area, the feedback from you the clients, as well as online research, we have decided that we are going to be changing our Auction Start & End days, to more align with what our clients have been telling us. The Auctions will start on Tuesday (or Wednesday if a holiday falls on Monday) evenings, and will end on Sunday evenings at 6:00P.M. PST. We will send you out an email when we are starting, at the half-way point, and 3 hours before close, as reminders. Pickups will start Tuesday at 10a.m and run through Saturday. This will give us Mondays to “pick” all of your items, to give you the most efficient check out process that we can.

With this move, we will also be making a few minor changes over the next couple of weeks to our starting bids, our item descriptions, and reserves. First, our Starting bids will be at $2.00 for most items, items with reserves will have their starting bid as the reserve, so that you know what to expect. When we get particularly valuable items, we will list the “COMP” price in the item description, so that you can see what the items have sold for recently. This is particularly important for Antique, Vintage, and Art items. We will start having a lot more of these items listed, and hope that making the move to setting the reserve as the starting bid, will help a lot of people to evaluate the value of a lot of these items at a glance.

As always, we look forward to our next auction, which will be going live on Wednesday May 29, 2024 @ 6:00P.M. PST. We have some absolutely wonderful pieces, including some limited edition art pieces, some silver bars and silver quarters, Camping Equipment, Yard Work Equipment, and some more furniture, including a beautiful vintage Rolling Bar.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, stay safe, and keep on bidding 😉